Experts in ERP

With our experience throughout the chain of an ERP system life cycle, we can offer expertise and services that ensure the quality of work in all phases. It is the business needs and processes that underlie the choices to be made.

This applies both to the selection of business systems and to the addition of functionality, or when information must be shared between different systems. The solutions implemented must also be managed cost-efficient and ensure that they are able to handle future system upgrades. Navigate Consulting often takes on an advisory role in selecting the right path and strives to improve the benefits and the economy of customer business system investment.

System selection / Procurement

In conjunction with the purchase or replacement of a business system, there are many parameters to consider before a decision can be made for such a long-term investment. A system change not only involves a technology shift but will also affect the operations and processes in which you work. It is therefore, necessary to ensure that there is system support for all of the company’s business-critical processes. Navigate Consulting has experience from small and large procurement, from both customer and supplier parties and has the opportunity to act as support in this work.

Project analysis

Prior to planning major projects, it is advisable to start a preliminary study to call in the scope of work and identify the resources needed. The preliminary study then forms the basis for decisions on the implementation of the project. We often perform preliminary studies and work according to the methodology of Practical Project Management (PPS).

Requirements Analysis

In case of minor projects, changes or additions to the system, needs and requirements need to be developed and documented. It is also important that the needs and requests that come from the business are in line with other business policies. We are constantly performing similar assignments and document our work according to OUM (Oracle) and SureStep (Microsoft).

ERP products that we are working with

As one of the world’s largest software company, Oracle has a very strong technical platform to stand on. The ERP system is very well integrated with other components of the technology stack, which opens good opportunities to take advantage of support for security, integrations etc.
Navigate Consulting can offer services and solutions in most parts of Oracle’s product offerings. This includes everything from the system architecture, PaaS, IaaS, DBA consultation (performance / tuning, backup / recovery, security, etc.) to the system development and functional work within the areas of Financials, Projects, EPM Consolidation, EPM Budget and Planning, Manufacturing, SCM and HCM.

After a large number of acquisitions in technology and applications for ERP, Oracle has launched its new product suite Fusion Applications. Designed from the ground, they have had the opportunity to exploit the full potential of innovation and new solutions. At the same time, it has been possible to build best-practices in terms of working experience, accumulated from thousands of customer’s different business processes.
Navigate Consulting was one of the first Consulting Companies to invest in knowledge of Oracle Fusion Applications, and we are proud to have been recognized by Oracle as Specialized in Oracle Fusion HCM and Oracle Fusion Financials already in March 2013. We currently have certified consultants with experience of working in projects with Oracle Fusion Applications, both On-Premise and as Cloud Services, including the areas of Financials, EPM Consolidation, EPM Budget and Planning, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

“Complete, Open and Integrated” Oracle describes their middleware platform built to handle social, mobile and cloud solutions. With standardized integration with database and application conditions are created for cost-effective solutions.
Navigate Consulting also have consultants with a long experience of the Oracle Tech Stack, which now are certified within Fusion Middleware, especially in the areas of Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). We also have Java development consultants.