Unique, pioneering, reliable, scalable and cost effective.

Navigate offers experts in a convenient way from both Sweden and India with experience of the Swedish local market.

In the ever changing IT-world with fast shifting business demands, the pressure to be able to maximize the revenue is increased for all companies. It will then  be important with close collaboration and to be able to identify critical aspects for your company and thus also reduce overhead.

Navigate will focus on your company’s individual demands, regardless if you need to develop a new system or continue to develop  existing software.

Navigate is cost effective and has several specialists using less overhead than big offshore vendors on the market. With Navigate you will increase your development capacity and at the same time feel secure.

All our deliveries within ERP, BI and test comes with the FlexSourcing concept.

All our FlexSourcing deliveries are executed from Navigates offices in Pune and Bangalore.

The benefits you get with the Navigate Consulting FlexSoucring concept

•       Our specialists in India work only with the Swedish market and has good knowledge and understanding of Swedish working methods.

•       We offer extensive development services combined with test and support

•       Continuous dialog with focus on your companies needs

•       Our services are tailored for your specific needs

•       Development teams and specialists that are certified on different platforms, technics and methods.

•       Access to all our expertise in both Sweden and India, that is scalable for your requirements.

•       We are using best practice within tools, methods and framework.

•       Highest quality in our deliveries and reduced time to market

•       Lowering costs comes with deliveries using India

•       With FlexSourcing, your resources can focus on developing your business.