Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Navigate Consulting provides a solution for managing business documents, e.g. invoices that simplify and enable the management of advanced approval processes and accounting. Examples where it can be used are for automatic routing of documents, access rules, split accounting lines, amount management, attachments, and accruals. It is fully integrated with Oracle’s Business Systems, which means that customers get lower maintenance and management costs. The invoice solution has common management of data with the business system. This means that all information stored can be displayed, from employment data in the HR system, financial data from the general ledger, project information from project management and assets, which provides a more efficient business process.

Navigate Consulting’s solution is designed in such a way that approval flows are governed by how users want documents to be handled through different status and information. This is done by defining rules for handling and those control how the document flows through the process. This means, among other things, that invoices or invoice lines can be sent to different users for approval and speed up the invoicing process. It is also possible to set up automatic approval of invoices that are valid under certain conditions. If customers want, matching orders can be made to control the entire purchasing process. For our customers, this solution means that they can pay their invoices on time and with the correct amount.

It is a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to get a good overview of all invoices and can perform all tasks at the same place. It is built in the same technology as Oracle eBS and can be adapted in different ways to the customers’ wishes from simpler personalizations to more complex customizations.

Navigate’s solution helps our customers to:

• Identify relevant recipients and approvers

• Reduce the number of people who need to be involved

• Inform users of ongoing approvals

• Allow users to inspect and modify invoice data, including accounting using the usual UI technology used elsewhere in the system

• Review of invoice image and access to attachments

• Retains the document approval program

• Intelligent routing invoices in your organization using existing or user-entered information on the document

• Control and configuration of business rules such as routing, approval limits, responsibilities, roles or even custom or individual levels.

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