it strategy and business transformation

IT Strategy & Business Transformation

Since its start in 2003, Navigate Consulting has helped its customers to realize IT strategies and change initiatives through implementation and new development of enterprise systems with a focus on end to end solutions in business and application process landscapes.

In a world of digital transformation and constant change in business demands, we offer market-leading competence with experts in EA and Business Architecture, CIO Advisory, Portfolio and Service Management, Solution Architecture and Change Management with qualified and certified consultants.

Focus and goals in our assignments is to realize value for the business so you get the most out of your investments.

Navigate Innovation Model

Navigate Innovation Model is a delivery and governance model used to ensure long-term value realization, extensibility, and quality in delivered business capabilities and IT solutions. The model is flexible and can easily be adapted to your existing delivery and governance models or implemented to be used stand-alone.


Demand and requirements analysis are central to the model and is done at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Navigate Consulting has created a framework for demand and requirements which adapts to your organization and conditions, and is based on agile value estimation, priorities, and continuous measurement of value realization.


Vision and goals are guiding stars in the model and Navigate Consulting offers method support and facilitation of business and transformational strategies based on your company’s overall strategic direction and market proposition. Strategies are realized through the business model architecture that links your core business to traditional EA domains and enables a common roadmap for business and IT.


Driving in the model is your core business which is tied together with your business operations and IT through the business model architecture. The key is to put your entire company and core business at the center and create a portfolio of business models which forms a holistic point of view.

Business transformation that is driven by the core business enables you to do the right thing at the right time, so you are successful in the market.


Technology and its capabilities are also central to the model. As an independent consulting company, Navigate Consulting are experts on how the latest technology enables value for your business. For example, we have experts in the areas of ERP, Business Intelligence and New Technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IOT).


One key condition for successful investments in business transformation and new technology is that invested resources are motivated by realized business value. Business change management is a key to success and positive return on investments. In the model, value estimation is done continuously, rapidly, and efficiently, with follow-up and continuously measurements of actual realized business values.


Planning is done at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Strategic planning sets the strategic direction for initiatives and technology investments. Tactical planning evaluates alternatives and proactively decides on one or more roadmaps. Operational planning enables efficient delivery and is done continuously with a focus on speed and efficiency. Planning for all levels are done iteratively, both from a business and IT perspective.


Central to the model is also how to communicate the strategic direction, and how to ensure quality and business value during realization. Governance is done strategically, tactically, and operationally, both from a business and IT perspective. Our model is flexible to govern enterprise-wide change initiatives, both with agile and traditional methods, but can also be adapted to individual delivery or innovation teams.


As an independent consulting company, we are experts in delivery of IT solutions that support business demands and overall strategies, roadmaps, and architecture.

Our consultants can support you as both strategic and tactical advisors in program and project steering committees and can also operationally lead initiatives in both scaled agile and in traditional delivery organizations. Read more about how we work with Project Management.